Sunday, December 21, 2014

Life is about to get.... real.

So hubs and I decided that common core was not in the best interest of our 4th grade daughter.  The schools know that students are struggling with the new methods. I was told that they are trying different things and watching for feedback as to how students handle it and making changes as needed. Sorry, good luck with your experimentation. We are removing our daughter from the experiment. She has some learning to do.

Many people ask why. Why are we taking our daughter out of school? Because, we feel she would do better in the home school environment. Actually, we feel she would do better outside of the public school, common core environment, and private school is out of the range of our budget. I, myself, was schooled at home. I went to public school thru 4th grade and went from 5th grade thru high school at home.

Let me lay it out. Here is how I look at it. I took excellent care of myself while growing this precious gift from God. I gave birth to her at home (in a kiddie pool, in my bedroom). I breastfed her into toddlerhood. She has been attending church since she was born. And then I handed her over to the public school system to continue the nurturing that I started??? It doesn't seem natural.

We have always said that we will use the public school system as long as it was a good fit. Meaning: if the kids are doing well, if the environment was healthy, if they were learning what they needed to learn, etc... My boys are doing well. The high schooler has his core learning out of the way and knows how to figure things out. The 1st grader is just starting his learning career, so any method they teach him is "normal" for him. For my girl, they started to teach her one method and then over the past couple of years have changed that to the common core teaching multiple methods. It is this in-betweener age that is suffering the most with common core. Her teacher knows it. The principal and superintendent know it. But the state has accepted common core, so we are stuck with it until they see that it is not necessarily the right way.  So, it is no longer a good fit for our girl.

We are excited to continue our girl's learning at home. I have set up our schooling corner.  There is SO MUCH available online available to the school at home crowd. Not to mention the real life learning she will get opportunity to do... crocheting, sewing, baking, cooking, laundry, making out a weekly menu, price matching, grocery budgeting... the list goes on and on.

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