Thursday, November 6, 2014

Still Real Life...

So I am still living real life, but my reality is different than it was 4 years ago. I now have a 5th year college senior. I have a 15 year old getting ready to start drivers ed in a couple months. I have a blossoming 9 year old little girl. And my sweet baby boy is a fireball 6 year old in first grade. I am a work at home mom that has the house to myself (if you don't count the adorable cocker spaniel keeping me company) 3-4 days a week when all the children are at school and the breadwinner is out... well, winning bread(?)

Some may wonder why, since all the kids are in school all day long, do I not go get a job. Well, because I don't have time for a job! No one else is gonna do my laundry, dishes, lawn mowing, floor sweeping, bill paying, and meal preparation. My children are even old enough to be home by themselves for short bursts of time. But, the joy that they and I share when they get off the bus and I greet them at the door with an after school snack, is something that is short lived. Meaning, in 12 short years, I don't get to do that anymore.  In less time than that, they won't greet me at the door with a happy grin, they will all eventually turn into teenagers. And we all know that teenagers lose their ability to smile at the drop of a hat.  So, while they still like me (part of the time anyway), I will be here for them. And I am here for my dearest hubby, who works very hard at providing a paycheck with which to pay those bills and buy those after school snacks. Someday, maybe I will enter the workforce again. But not today. Today I have littles to welcome home and dinner to prepare for my family.

Meanwhile, I try and fill in the gaps with selling my handcrafted crochet creations. Or peddle my amazing home baked pies and other goodies. Or occasionally sell items that have been outgrown, but somehow still have some usefulness left in them. I will also sometimes barter items or services with other people that my find themselves a little shy on the cash side of things. But we get by. And God provides.

And... Life. Goes. On... Real life.

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